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About my practice

I am a board certified Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with a Master’s Degree in Nursing from Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing.  Several hospitals that I have worked at include Bellevue Medical Center and Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, in outpatient clinics and now in private practice, Jason Meisel has helped many patients improve their overall health and quality of life. There is good pride in conceptualizing the patient as a whole and taking physical, social, and emotional well-being into account.

As a licensed professional psychiatric nurse practitioner, Jason Meisel aim to offer mental health services to meet my patients’ specific needs. With commitment to offering high quality care to the New York community. It’s taken me years of hard work to get where I am today, to the point where I can say your health is in good hands. My role is to help you be the best you can be. These services include evaluation, diagnosis, medications, therapy and more. My goal is to work with you to help optimize your mental health.

About my services

Diagnostic evaluations

This is the initial appointment and it gives us a chance to get to know more about each other. During this appointment, I will gather information to make a thorough assessment of your mental health needs and offer guidelines for treatment modalities.

Medication management

Medications can aide in the treatment of your mental health needs. This includes mood, psychotic symptoms, insomnia, and more. It is my goal to make sure that you know what options are available, what options I would recommend for you, and why.


I make use of ketamine in compound form. This is tailored to you – the patient – to use at home for a variety of disorders. These include major depressive disorder (treatment-resistant or not), anxiety, PTSD, migraines, addictions, and more. I use two different pharmacies, depending on state location: the Art of Medicine based in Pennsylvania and Valor Compounding Pharmacy based in California. The prescription comes in troches/lozenges, nasal sprays, and capsules. We work together to find the right route and dose to work for you.

Please note, if not located in New York, it will need to be self-pay.

Pharmocogenetic Testing

Each individual’s genetic make-up impacts the effectiveness of medication as well as his or her sensitivity to potential adverse drug reactions. Through gene testing, I can provide a personal genetic profile that will inform my prescription recommendations for you.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

I have experience in providing cognitive behavioral therapy services as a part of your treatment plan, using the techniques in conjunction with other treatments based on your personal mental health needs.

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD affects both adults and children in many ways and has a great impact on your overall quality of life. My years of experience in both inpatient and outpatient – most recently at Ahead – have given me a foundation to help you find the best treatment course for your life.

About my specialties

My career began as a child and adolescent nurse at Bellevue Hospital dealing with a wide range of issues, laying the foundation for my therapeutic views. During my training I have worked at NYU Child Study Center, the VA Hospital and Mount Sinai outpatient clinic, all molding me into the clinician I am today. Working together is at the heart of psychiatry and I view a patient as a teammate in wellness. I work closely with PCPs and other specialists as appropriate to optimize outcomes. I utilize both medication and psychotherapy as needed.

My specialties include treating the mental health needs of those with chronic illnesses, members of the LGBTQIA community, and patients with mood disorders. I have worked extensively with children and adolescents, with developmental disorders, mood disorders, and other behavioral issues.


I’m licensed by NYS to prescribe Medical Marijuana, and can incorporate medical marijuana into your medication management plan if we determine that it may be beneficial as a part of your mental health treatment.I can tailor your treatment to fit your specific needs, with the understanding that the same underlying issue can affect two different individuals in radically different ways. I take your specific situation into consideration, giving special attention to your gender identity, sexual identity, family and social background, and anything else that may characterize your personal experience and define your mental health needs.

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