We could tell you about our patients’ excellent care, but we know that they can do a much better job. Below we’ve provided a selection of statements from our patients speaking about their positive experience with us.

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“Conversations were effortless…”

My therapist was very honest, understanding, empathetic, compassionate, and creates a very safe and trusting place for us to communicate. For two people who are not very open/comfortable sharing their emotions/feelings, our conversations were effortless – it’s as if we’re talking to one of our oldest and dearest friends.

Handsome positive arabian
James R.
“A very positive conversation…”

My wife and I discovered the office after a terrible fight over a very charged subject. After a few months of working together with our therapist, we talked about what we learned about each other and what we needed we were able to take what could have been an argument and turned it into a very positive conversation.

Joyful african american millennial guy holding modern smartphone
Thomas M.
“I highly recommend them…”

They actually make an effort to relate to our family by sharing some of their own experiences and stories. Our therapist wasn’t afraid to show us his vulnerability which builds trust with us. I highly recommend them for family therapy!

Photo of shiny adorable young lady dressed striped clothes
Dory T.
“10 stars if it were possible…”

I highly recommend that you check them out for their telehealth services! The founder is an amazing therapist. Her down-to-earth style is what I enjoyed most about our sessions. 10 stars if it were possible.

Attractive asian woman with short dark hair
Georgia P.